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Punta Negra Cabin Resort is located on Provincial Route N° 13, at Km. 9, on the left hand side, towards Aluminé Lake, on a gravel road.
Located in the town of Villa Pehuenia, in the province of Neuquén, at the foot of the Patagonian Andes (Argentina).

Villa Pehuenia

Villa Pehuenia is a mountain village nestled in the Andes Mountains on the north shore of Lake Aluminé, at 1200 meters above sea level.
Surrounded by a unique landscape where the star is the Pehuén, Villa Pehuenia offers visitors the possibility of practicing water and mountain sports in summer and winter. Or simply relax while enjoying the beautiful scenery and good gastronomy.
A perfect combination of rivers, lakes, beaches, mountains, incomparable sunsets, warmth and quietness.

Lake Aluminé

This beautiful body of water is the northernmost of the Andean-Patagonian lakes corridor. Numerous small islands of easy access and 57 km of coastline dotted with small forests of coihues and native species (pehuenes, maitenes, radales or ñires), with a profusion of bays, peninsulas and long beaches of volcanic sand, offer the visitor an infinity of paradisiacal corners. An ideal destination to enjoy excellent vacations during the austral summer.

Winter in Villa Pehuenia

Due to the altitude of the area and its geographical location in winter the village and its surroundings usually have a large amount of snow that extends its season until September and exceptionally October.
For winter sports, the Batea Mahuida snow park (in Mapuche territory) allows you to enjoy downhill skiing and snowmobile rides. They have two lifts, a ski school run by instructors from the same community and a cafeteria at the base of the hill with all services. Among other alternatives, you can go on snowshoeing excursions to the volcano and the pehuenes forests.

Blue Gulf

Batea Mahuida Volcano - Cráter

Lake Navigation


Cordillera de los Andes

Winter in the Base Park Batea Mahuida

Sunset on the Lake Aluminé

Peninsula of the Cohibues

Winter on the way to Batea Mahuida

Pehuenes Snowy

Piedra Negra Beach

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